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Are you looking for a comprehensive financial plan to coordinate and help make the most of your retirement resources?

What we offer

We work with you to create a financial plan that will include recommendations on how best to use your resources to meet your retirement goals. Your plan will cohesively address all of your life's financial areas such as income and expenses, investments, taxes, housing, insurance, charitable giving, wealth transfer and estate planning

What you get

Your final delivered plan will include:

  • A detailed list of your retirement and financial goals
  • The main assumptions used in your plan
  • A summary of your net worth
  • A summary of your total assets
  • An overview of your current investments and allocations
  • Income & expense projections throughout all of your retirement
  • The probability of retirement plan success (aka Monte Carlo simulation)
  • A detailed list of recommendations to best achieve your goals

To see an example of what your plan will look like, check out our Sample Financial Plan

Prior to the creation of your final plan, we'll have a call or meeting with you to do an interactive screen share of eMoney, our financial planning software. eMoney truly brings the financial planning process to life by showing the potential impacts of different scenarios or "what ifs." The software allows for the toggling on and off of a wide array of adjustments, and then shows the projected outcomes in easy-to-understand graphics

What's addressed in your financial plan

The content of your financial plan will be specific to you. Depending what stage of retirement planning you're in, your questions, concerns and goals may include:

Pre-Retirement (1-10 years before retirement)

Beginning Retirement (0-1 year before retirement)

Living in Retirement

What's the process

There are four steps in creating your financial plan:

Step 1

Have an introductory call

Step 2

Get to know you and gather information

Step 3

Create your plan

Step 4

Present and discuss your plan

For whom is this service best

This service is best for anyone wanting to know when they can retire or how they can best financially position themselves for retirement. The comprehensive financial plan pulls together all of your financial life into one cohesive picture.

This service is ideal for anyone who wants some initial guidance but is comfortable doing their own financial planning, tax planning and investment management throughout retirement. While it can give broad recommendations on how best to achieve your retirement goals, it cannot provide detailed year-by-year portfolio distribution or tax planning guidance; such areas can only be properly addressed through our ongoing planning & investment management service

What it costs

For a coupleTypically $3,000*
For an individualTypically $2,400*

Next step

Schedule a free introductory call to further explore how we can help you create your retirement financial plan:

click here to schedule a call

* The fee may be higher if you are a business owner, have a highly structured legal estate, own private or illiquid investments or otherwise have a lot of complexity in your financial life. We will quote you the final fee after having an introductory call