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Are you looking for advice on just a specific area of your retirement plan?

What we offer

We offer our financial planning and advisory services on an hourly basis

What you get

It's up to you. The nature of your needs will determine what we deliver. Typical requests are:

  • Assistance in implementing recommendations from your financial plan
  • Investment portfolio review
  • Roth IRA conversion analysis
  • Social Security maximization
  • Annuity contract review
  • Vacation property analysis
  • Pension payment type selection analysis

If you're looking for tax return preparation and filing, check out Tenon Tax Preparation, a separate company that's under common ownership with Tenon Financial

What it costs

The total fee is to be agreed upon in advance, based on an hourly rate of $300

Next step

Schedule a free introductory call to further explore how our hourly service can be of value to you:

click here to schedule a call