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Are you looking for ongoing financial advice and investment management?

What we offer

We provide ongoing planning and advice about all aspects of your finances. This includes discretionary management of your investments and ongoing tax minimization planning. Additionally, we can coordinate the preparation and filing of your income tax returns through Tenon Tax Preparation, a separate company that's under common ownership with Tenon Financial

What you get

The starting point of our ongoing service is the creation of your financial plan, which is included at no extra cost

After completion of your plan, we'll work closely with you to implement it. Typical implementation items include:

  • establishing when to claim Social Security
  • selecting pension payment types
  • transferring and/or consolidating investment accounts
  • reallocating investment portfolios
  • converting from traditional to Roth IRAs
  • changing income tax withholding elections
  • determining health insurance options
  • establishing a spending plan
  • consolidating debt
  • refinancing a mortgage
  • buying or selling real estate
  • amending insurance coverage
  • updating estate documents and beneficiary forms

Financial planning is a process, not a product. It's a close ongoing relationship between you and us involving regular meetings, webinars, calls, e-mails, etc. The ultimate goal is for us to help you make the best possible decisions around your finances to allow you to live your best possible retirement!

We'll also provide ongoing discretionary management of your investments, through accounts held in custody at TD Ameritrade Institutional. We use a straightforward, passive and fee-conscious investing approach that ensures your portfolio will remain diversified, low cost and best allocated for your risk tolerance and financial profile. We typically invest using a combination of Vanguard exchange traded funds ("ETFs") that track major stock and bond indices

We also focus on long-term tax minimization throughout every step of our financial planning and investment management processes. Additionally, we can coordinate the preparation and filing of your tax returns through Tenon  Tax  Preparation, a separate company that's under common ownership with Tenon Financial 

What it costs

For a coupleA flat annual fee, typically $6,000 to $8,400* per year
For an individualA flat annual fee, typically $4,800 to $7,200* per year

Our fees are based on the complexity of your financial life and therefore the amount of resources necessary to provide you the most value throughout the year. Your fee will be agreed upon prior to entering a formal engagement with us. Fees can be deducted directly from your investment accounts under our management, by check, ACH bank transfer or credit card

Unlike many advisors, our ongoing fee is not tied solely to the amount of your investable assets. The size of your investment accounts is generally a poor gauge of the complexity of your financial life

Most advisors whose fees are based on assets under management charge around 1.0% per year. On an account size of $1,000,000, the annual fee would be about $10,000 per year. The larger the account, the higher the fee...even if it isn't any more work. We feel that's unfair, which is why we charge a flat annual fee

Next step

Schedule a free introductory call to further explore how our ongoing planning and investment management services can be of value to you:

click here to schedule a call

* The fee may be higher if you are a business owner, have a highly structured legal estate, own private or illiquid investments or otherwise have a lot of complexity in your financial life. We will quote you the final fee after having an introductory call