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We help coordinate all of the parts of your financial life

Our ongoing retirement planning provides you comprehensive advice and recommendations about all aspects of your financial life whether you are nearing retirement or already living in retirement

What we offer

We provide you ongoing planning and advice about all aspects of your finances - income and expenses, investments, taxes, insurance and estate planning. This also includes management of your investments and ongoing tax minimization planning. Additionally, we can coordinate the preparation and filing of your income tax returns*.

What you get

We create for you a personalized financial plan which integrates and makes recommendations on all aspects of your financial life to help you reach and live your best possible retirement. The plan is dynamic and will evolve as your life and financial circumstances change. We work with you on an ongoing basis to continually monitor, update and implement your plan accordingly.

We also provide ongoing management of your investments and ongoing tax planning. Additionally, we can coordinate the preparation and filing of your income tax returns*.

What's in your financial plan

The content of your financial plan will be specific to you and your goals. And your plan will change as your life changes. Even in retirement, financial planning is a moving target! Depending what stage of retirement planning you are in, your financial plan is likely to address questions such as:

Pre-Retirement (1-10 years before retirement)

Beginning Retirement (0-1 year before retirement)

Living in Retirement

How we do financial planning

Financial planning is a process, not a product. It's a close ongoing relationship between you and us involving regular meetings, calls, e-mails, etc. The ultimate goal is for us to help you make the best possible decisions around your financial circumstances to allow you to maximize the potential of achieving your retirement and life goals.

Our financial planning process involves six steps:

Step 1

Have an introductory call

Step 2

Get to know you and gather information

Step 3

Create your plan

Step 4

Present and discuss your plan

Step 5

Implement your plan

Step 6

Monitor, update and manage your plan

What it costs

For a coupletypically $6,000 to $8,400** per year
For an individualtypically $4,800 to $7,200** per year

Our fees are based on the complexity of your financial life and therefore the amount of resources necessary for us to provide our services throughout the year. The fees will be agreed upon prior to entering a formal engagement with us. The fee ranges shown above are representative for clients whose financial profiles do not have high levels of complexity**.

Unlike many advisors, our fees are not tied solely to the amount of your investable assets. The size of your investment accounts is generally a poor gauge of the complexity of your financial life. Therefore, we feel it is unfair to charge purely based on how much of your assets we manage.

Next step

Contact Us or schedule a free introductory call to further explore if we may be a good fit to help you with your retirement planning:

click here to schedule a call

* We coordinate with Tenon Tax Preparation LLC ("Tenon Tax Prep") to provide income tax return services.  Tenon Tax Prep and Tenon Financial are different companies that have common ownership.

** For clients whose financial profile has a lot of complexity, fees may be higher. For example, high complexity may include business owners, persons with highly structured legal estates, owners of private or illiquid investments, owners of multiple rental properties, etc.