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Our services are tailored to your retirement financial planning needs

Whether you're looking for ongoing comprehensive retirement planning and investment management or just some one-time advice with Social Security or other specific aspects of your retirement finances, we can help!

Ongoing Retirement Planning

Ongoing financial planning, investment management and tax planning

$6,000 to $8,400* per year for most couples
$3,600 to $7,200* per year for most individuals
Social Security Maximization
Social Security claiming strategy maximization

$350 for a couple
$300 for an individual
Hourly Engagement
Limited scope planning, analysis or advice

Fee to be agreed upon in advance, based on a rate of $300 per hour

* For clients whose financial profile has a lot of complexity, fees may be higher. For example, high complexity may include business owners, persons with highly structured legal estates, owners of private or illiquid investments, owners of multiple rental properties, etc.