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Welcome to Tenon Financial

We help you plan and live your best possible retirement

We're a financial advisory firm which focuses on retirement planning

We believe your retirement should be filled with the freedom to spend your time how you choose, without having to worry about your sources of income, investments or taxes. We spend our time focusing on those things so you don't have to

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What we do

We provide comprehensive financial planning, investment management and tax planning to help you plan and live your best possible retirement.

How we do it

We help you create, implement and manage an ongoing retirement financial plan - both before and during retirement. The plan enables us to help you maximize your income, manage your investments and minimize your taxes.

Why we're different

We proudly differentiate ourselves from typical financial advisors:

We're independent

We're a standalone company not affiliated with any brokerages, insurance companies or banks. This allows us to offer truly comprehensive advice without restriction or pressure to make certain recommendations.

We focus on retirement

A lot of advisors try to be all things to all people - we don't. Our expertise is specifically in helping you make the most of your finances in retirement.

We're fiduciaries

Unlike many advisors, we're regulated solely as fiduciaries.  This means we're ALWAYS required to act in YOUR best interest.

We understand Social Security

We specialize in helping you maximize your Social Security benefits, which are likely to be a critical part of the foundation of your retirement financial plan.

We do tax planning

Most advisors know only the basics of taxation, and many aren't even allowed to give tax advice. We incorporate careful tax planning and advice into all aspects of your retirement plan. We're also able to coordinate the preparation and filing of your income tax returns*.

Our fees are clear and fair

We're "fee-only," which means we don't sell products for commission and don't receive any form of compensation from anyone other than you. We charge a flat annual fee which is not tied to product sales and not based solely on the size of your investable assets.

We can work virtually

Our physical presence is in New Jersey but we can provide our full suite of services virtually thanks to our use of best-in-class systems and software.

Next steps

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* We coordinate with Tenon Tax Preparation LLC ("Tenon Tax Prep") to provide income tax return services.  Tenon Tax Prep and Tenon Financial are different companies that have common ownership.